Cake, Cheese Cake, Ice cream, KitKat, OBW -

Great success of the Operation Broken Wing! HeimatSterne at the regional fitness charity movement 2016 in Singapore

On 15th October, the HeimatSterne team supported the charity event Operation Broken Wings (OBW). The regional fitness charity movement organised by Reach Youth and Innervate CrossFit Singapore was dedicated to raise funds in order to improve the lives of forgotten youth. Together with other sponsors and athletes, HeimatSterne has help to collect a total of S$100.000 for the meaningful purpose.
In the spirit of solidarity, HeimatSterne had the honour to show its support for young people from dysfunctional families by participating in a special charity event – Operation Broken Wing. During the grassroots event, the funds were collected through sponsoring of each athlete partaking in the workout “Fight for Hope” and through sponsorship from various partners.
The HeimatSterne team sponsored a variety of delicious and mouth-watering German cheese cakes and KitKat cakes as well as healthy Skarø ice cream and protein ice cream with a wide choice of flavours such as strawberry, mango, black current, lemon and gooseberry. All proceeds were donated to the charity organisation. In addition, one of our team members has successfully contributed to the movement as an athlete with a strong number of 271 repetitions.


“The HeimatSterne team is very proud to be part of this amazing event. Bringing together people with such diverse backgrounds, ages and abilities for a good cause is very admirable. We are hoping that next year, we will be able to help even more.”, summarised Mr. HP Faust, Managing Director.
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