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HeimatSterne and Alpenleder - In search for adventure in the leather world

The fashion industry and many consumers love leather for its robustness, diversity and warm touch. HeimatSterne and Alpenleder teams share this passion; hence they decided to cooperate on a mutual project in Asia! Visit our website or our outlet for more details!

Alpenleder was established in 1993 near the Allgäu Alps in southern Germany. Two generations of Bavarians have developed ideas and concepts for designing and manufacturing high-quality buffalo and accessories with a unique character.
In contrast to mainstream practices in leather factories, which use chrome and other chemicals to tan and dye leather, the Alpenleder products are created by using ecological methods including tree bark, natural oils and wax in a 100% vegetable based process. At the same time, the classic product design focuses on the contemporary consumer and their needs.

HeimatSterne is a Singapore based brand representing a variety of European companies in the Pacific region. As specialists in introducing and developing new brands in South Asia, they have launched a significant number of products in the recent years. By sharing a passion for natural leather and high-quality products, both companies have established a strong relationship and work towards a bright future.

“Every single product designed by Alpenleder is an expression of their passion for leather and is a classic piece of art, which can be used for many years, if not a life-time. Alpenleder creates bags as a companion through life. Each product tells stories and leaves traces and evolves over time with it's proud owner. The extraordinary items are timeless, sophisticated and highly practical. We want to promote the brand in Asia because it is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”, said Mr. Heinz-Peter Faust, Managing Director.

The ALPENLEDER products are now available in South East Asia! In OUR ONLINE SHOP and OUTLET STORE, we offer the leather lovers many beautiful accessories as well as handbags, travel bags and a lot more. We will surprise you!.

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